About the Program

What is Project Peak?

Phase 1: The Trip

A week prior to the start of classes, teams of 6-12 students embark on the Project Peak outdoor extended orientation trip. Each trip is led by Mason student trip leaders who have been extensively trained and will serve as a great resource for your time at Mason! Project Peak has a variety of adventure trip options, ranging from beginner to advanced and include a variety of outdoor activities. Beginner trips are based at recreational campgrounds that include bathrooms and access to running water. Intermediate or advanced trips are based in backcountry campgrounds that do not have regular access to bathrooms and trip leaders and participants will carry their own water for cooking and cleaning. 

When registering for Project Peak, you will be asked to select and rank the trips that are of interest to you. Note that we will try to give everyone their first choice, but it is helpful for our process if you select multiple options.

2019 trips include:

  • Beginner – multi sport trip (hiking, paddling, and rock climbing)
  • Intermediate – canoeing trip
  • Intermediate – biking trip
  • Intermediate – hiking trip
  • Advanced – backpacking trip

Goals of the Trip

  • Help ease the transition into your first year at Mason by spending your first week engaged in fun outdoor activities with other incoming
  • Help you meet future classmates in a fun, informal, and supportive community
  • Help you feel more connected to the Mason community before your first day of classes


Phase II: UNIV 108

UNIV 108 is intended to help students transition from high school to college.  The main objectives of this class are to develop relationships with the instructor, the Peer Advisor, and others in the class, to establish a knowledge base of campus resources, and to acquire skills for academic success. The course is offered at different times throughout the week (more information available on the registration form). The course may be taken for 0-1 credit.

Full-time tuition at Mason is based on registration in 12-15 credits. Students enrolled in 12-14 credits must take UNIV 108 for 1 credit. Students enrolled in 15 credits may take UNIV 108 for 0 credit. For additional information about tuition fees, please visit: studentaccounts.gmu.edu/tuition-fees

Exceptions: Students in a UNIV 150 Living Learning Community (Arts, Engineering, LGBTQ+, The First, Global Patriots, Pre-Nursing, or OGUN Black Male Success) will enroll in a UNIV 150 LLC course in the fall semester along with the other LLC students.

If you plan to participate in a different LLC than the above mentioned, we encourage you to still participate in UNIV 108 to gain the full experience. You may reach out to Jodi Ross at jross33@gmu.edu if you have any specific questions or concerns about the course. 

Goals of UNIV 108:

  • Help you critically evaluate information, both in and out of the classroom
  • Help you make valid, sound decisions on your own
  • Help you achieve your maximum academic potential
  • Help you be a responsible and involved member of the university community
  • Help you actively explore your choice of academic majors and career options
  • Help you be proficient in using technology available at Mason
  • Help you to be safe and healthy, both physically and mentally
  • Help you to live, work, and learn respectfully with people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs
  • Help you to be familiar with resources available at Mason
  • Help you to feel comfortable in your new environment
  • Help you to develop a network of supportive peers, upper-class students, and faculty
  • Help you to enjoy your experiences at Mason
  • Help you to better understand yourself