UNIV 101

UNIV 101

What is the primary purpose of our program?

UNIV 101 is a small, discussion-based, 1 credit course that introduces first-year students to experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, research and creative activities, entrepreneurship, global activities, leadership opportunities, civic engagement, etc. As an introductory course, the focus will be on exploration and all students will end the semester with an action plan for an experience they would like to engage in as well as what campus resources will help them achieve this plan.  

Who is this for?

UNIV 101 is a course for the second semester of the first-year experience. While it is not a prerequisite, students are encouraged to take UNIV 100 in the first semester and then UNIV 101 in the second semester so that they can build upon those topics and themes. 


What essential questions will the program address?

Who am I? What do I want my Mason experience to look like? How can I engage in high impact co-curricular experiences that align with my interests and/or career goals? How can what I do now help me get where I want to go in the future? 

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