UNIV 100

What is University 100?

University 100 is a small discussion-based, 1-credit transition course designed specifically for first-year students generally taken in the fall semester. Courses are designed to help first-year students develop college success skills, establish connections among peers and faculty, and learn about available campus resources. All courses are co-taught by a Faculty and upper-class Peer Advisor who work as a team to develop a syllabus, create lesson plans, and instruct the class. The course is open to all first-year students who may choose a general UNIV100 course or one for a specific population.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, over 50 sections will be available including the following: 

  • Introduction to Mason
  • Living Learning Communities (UNIV 150)
  • Special Populations
    • College Specific – CHHS, CHSS, Business, Education
    • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
    • Off Campus
    • Out of State Students
    • Global Gateway
  • Invitation Only –  students must be part of a particular program to enroll

Each course addresses a variety of topics such as: stress management, health and mental well-being, effective study habits, time and money management, campus resources, campus clubs and organizations, communication skills, diversity awareness, and career exploration.

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