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Who We Are

University Studies empowers students to craft a successful college experience and prepare for their future. Our courses are open to all undergraduate students as they transition into Mason, determine their career path, learn how to engage in the college community and prepare for life after graduation by building a holistic set of skills and competencies. Our classes support your journey of self-discovery and growth during your college years.

Our Courses

Transition To Mason

The Right Start!

Our first year transition courses connect new Mason students to faculty/staff, to one another and to campus resources for a successful transition to Mason. We offer transition courses for both freshmen and transfer students. Make the most of your Mason experience! Read more.

Transition Through Mason

We offer courses that build students’ knowledge and skills in areas of interest to them during their undergraduate years. Currently, these include courses on academic success; financial literacy, career and internship readiness, and more. Read more.

Transition Beyond Mason

Getting close to graduating? University Studies continues to support you in this exciting phase of your college experience! We offer College to Career and Professional Skills Development courses on how to find a job, sharpen your resume and build your professional skills. Thinking about graduate school? Our College to Graduate School course is for you. Read more.

Fall 2022 Course Offerings

UNIV 100 Sections and Schedule

Section InformationDay and TimeCRN
UNIV 100 – 001 to 029: General Sections; All Undergraduates.See PatriotWeb /
UNIV 100 – 030: First Generation students  Th: 4:30-5:50p 81443
UNIV 100 – 031: Off-Campus StudentsM: 10:30-11:50a 81440
UNIV 100 – 032: Off-Campus StudentsTu: 12:00-1:20p71133
UNIV 100 – 033: STEM students Th: 12:00-1:20p 78167
UNIV 100 – 034: Students Interested in Health Professions Tu: 3:00-4:20p 73929
UNIV 100 – 036: open to CHHS students Tu: 3:00-4:20p 73928
UNIV 100 – 037: open to Honors College students F: 10:30-11:50a 71495
UNIV 100 – DL: Online synchronous section open to all students Th: 1:30-2:5079775

UNIV 108 Sections and Schedule

Section InformationDay and TimeCRN
UNIV 108 – 001: Black Male Student Initiative  W: 9:00-10:20a81450
UNIV 108 – 002: Black Male Student Initiative  Th: 3:00-4:20p81451
UNIV 108 – 003: Gender & Identity Exploration Th: 10:30-11:50a81452
UNIV 108 – DL1: Gender & Identity Exploration (Online)Th: 12:00-1:20p 81477
UNIV 108 – 014: CVPA W: 10:30-11:50p 83914
UNIV 108 – 005: CVPA (for FAVS majors) Th: 10:30-11:50a 82221
UNIV 108 – 006: CEC M: 4:30-5:50p
UNIV 108 – 007: CEC W: 1:30-2:50p81454

UNIV 150 (Learning Communities) Sections

Section InformationDay and TimeCRN
UNIV 150 – 001: School of Education Learning CommunityM: 3:00-4:20p 78191
UNIV 150 – 002: CHHS Learning CommunityW: 12:00-1:20pm81456
UNIV 150 – 003: CHHS Learning CommunityW: 1:30-2:50p          (section 004) 
Th: 10:30-11:50a.    (section 005) 
UNIV 150 – 004: Nursing Learning CommunityM: 4:30-5:50p         (section 006) 
W: 1:30-2:50p.        (section 007) 

Contact Us

For new course inquiries, general program and course information, or questions about how to become a peer advisor, email us at: univ@gmu.edu

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