Transition Beyond Mason – Courses For Upperclassmen

Getting close to graduating? University Studies continues to support you in this exciting phase of your college experience! We offer College to Career and Professional Skills Development courses on how to find a job, sharpen your resume and build your professional skills. Thinking about graduate school? Our College to Graduate School course is for you.

UNIV 420: College to Career

For juniors and seniors preparing to transition into the workplace, develop your job search strategy and personal brand in College to Career (UNIV 420). Develop your search strategies, application materials (like resume and cover letter), and learn interview techniques and etiquette (virtual and in-person).


95% of students who completed the course reported they were aware of organizations that employ people in their industries of interest as a result of taking UNIV 420.

UNIV 421: College to Graduate School

For juniors and seniors preparing for graduate or professional school, create the materials to apply for the advanced degree that will help you achieve your career goals with College to Graduate School (UNIV 421). Develop strong application materials, effective testing and interviewing strategies, research and evaluation of graduate programs, and financial planning options.


82% of students who completed the course clearly identified their future graduate/professional school field or program as a result of taking UNIV 421.

100% of students who have taken UNIV 421 would recommend the course to a friend.

100% of students who have taken UNIV 421 say they understand the expectations and qualifications needed to apply to the graduate programs of interest to because of the class.

UNIV 422: Professional Skills Development

For seniors preparing for the workplace. Establish your professional image and master essential skills like teleworking, advocating for yourself in the workplace, preparing for performance reviews, selecting health and financial plans, and more.



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