Living Learning Community Information Sheet


Living Learning Community Information

CAART is looking for interested candidates for the position of Living Learning Community (LLC) Faculty. LLC Faculty teach a special section of University 150 where the students enrolled live on the same residence hall floor together their freshman year. Interested applicants should demonstrate a strong desire to work with the Resident Advisor for the floor and Peer Advisor co-teaching the class to plan and implement additional fun and educational programs for students that target the LLC’s specific topic theme. Previous LLC experience NOT required.

If you indicated an interest in serving as a LLC Faculty on the information sheet of this application, please review the LLC Faculty job description.

Living Learning Community Faculty Job Description

LLC Faculty are expected to meet all expectations outlined in the Faculty Job Description. In addition, LLC Faculty must meet expectations listed below specific to their role as Faculty of a living learning community.

LLC Faculty Additional Expectations:

  • Work with Peer Advisor and the Resident Advisor to plan additional programming and activities that target the LLCs specific topic theme:
    • LLC Faculty are responsible for planning and implementing meaningful programs for LLC students in the fall and spring semesters. Meaningful programs relate to the LLC topic with thoughtful advanced planning and help build community among the students on the floor.
  • Plan and attend at least one LLC program/event per month.
  • Attend at least one Faculty/Resident Advisor/Peer Advisor (FRAPA) meeting per month.
  • Attend any LLC related events.
  • Attend any FRAPA specific LLC trainings

LLC Faculty – Summer 2017:

  • University 150 LLC Faculty are encouraged to be available in Fairfax during summer freshmen orientations to attend the LLC Breakfasts. The summer LLC Breakfasts occur during summer orientation and provide the LLC PAs with an opportunity to meet the freshmen students registered for their University 150 class.


Due to LLC programming responsibilities, LLC Faculty will receive an extra $100 per semester.