Project Peak Alumni

“I signed up for Project Peak because I love the outdoors. I had no clue how much of a meaningful impact it would have on me. I had a great adventure and got a really close to a group of people who are all in the same boat as me; all stressing about having to be adults now. Now I can safely say that thanks to Project Peak and the UNIV 108 class, I am comfortable in this next chapter of my life.” – Joe Lankford

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“It was one of the most meaningful experiences of my college career.I made many new friends and learned many new things about the outdoors. Not only was friendship and new experiences found, but also creativity as we all had fun together with the personalities each of us had to share among the group. Not only outdoors, there was also the first semester class. This allowed us to ease into the process of college and learn a thing or two along the way. In the end there is no other way I could picture my summer before college and first semester being and I suggest others to do the same.” – Aaron Schlesinger

Sitting“I almost didn’t register for Project Peak, but that would have been a mistake. I was stressed out about college and I wanted to savor the last few days at home. I’m glad I came. Project Peak is the best transition into Mason you could ask for. The best friends I have at Mason were made during the five days of the trip. Why spend your last days before adulthood at home when you could white water kayak down the Potomac River or climb Old Rag? Don’t hesitate like I did. Just join. You won’t be disappointed. – Andrew Nicholson

“Project Peak was a wonderful trip that helped me make friends, physically and mentally challenged me, and made me learn new things. We did multiple activities like rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking. Each of these activities brought our group closer together to the point that it felt like I was part of a new family. And that bond carried over into the school year, my closest friends on campus are the ones that I made during project peak and I’m grateful for that. ” -Rachel Andrews

“I was rather nervous about being an off-campus student because I imagined that it would be more challenging to get involved on campus. I decided to attend Project Peak in hopes of obtaining connections, friendships, and information about Mason. My experience at Project Peak provided me with a wide variety of tools needed in order to excel at Mason. Project Peakers are given the unique opportunity to not only establish friendships through confidence building activities, such as rocking climbing and camping, but to also learn more about themselves and the world around them. I will always remember Project Peak as one of the highlights of my freshman year at George Mason University. The friendships I gained, the skills I learned, and the memories I created allowed me to grow as a person. ”– Amber Hines

“Project Peak was a great experience and one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was worried going into my freshman year of college that I wouldn’t make friends. I wasn’t success making friends in high school so I didn’t want college to be a repeat of that. I love the outdoors, so I knew Project Peak would be a great experience for me. I have never been kayaking or rock climbing so I loved trying out those new activities. I learned so much about belaying and proper kayaking techniques. I also loved learning to be outgoing and creating new bonds with other incoming freshman at Mason. When I first arrived at the Project Peak check in, I was nervous and didn’t know what to do with myself. I was nervous to talk to anyone. I did go and seek out the girls that were on the trip and that helped me feel better and more comfortable. By the end of the first night I felt comfortable and in a family like environment. I liked that we had small teams within our big team to do chores, and cook dinner. Having a small group within our larger group helped me get closer to other people, which I didn’t know very well. I also enjoyed playing all the games in the vans while we traveled places. Not only did it help us get to know each other better and bond, but it just broke the ice and kept us engaged with each other.” -Hannah Hardison