Student Leadership Team

We are not currently accepting applications for the Peer Advisor Leadership Team!

Check back in Fall 2020 for the next opportunity to apply 🙂 


The Senior Peer Advisors (SPA) and Peer Program Coordinators (PPC) positions are leadership opportunities available to current University 100 Peer Advisor (PAs). This is an excellent opportunity to serve as a member of the Leadership Team UNIV Courses & Programs. SPAs and PPCs gain extensive skills and experiences that will enhance their career and personal development.



  • Review the job descriptions above
  • Complete the Online Application


  • You will receive a confirmation email in the week after the submission of your application to sign-up for an interview. Interviews will occur the week of November 18th-22nd.
  • Please prepare this question and be ready to present it during your interview: Name three ideas you wish to implement if given the position as an SPA or PPC. Please expand and ensure they relate to the specific position.