Academic Success

UNIV 110Academic Success: Academic Success

 This course focuses on academic transition and planning issues for students in their first or second year at Mason. Emphasis is placed on resources and techniques to assist students with assessing and improving their academic performance. Students will work closely with the instructor to track their academic progress over the course of the semester. During the semester, students will:

  1. Set short and long term goals for individual courses.
  2. Develop an overall academic plan.
  3. Understand and develop strategies to improve learning such as reading, note taking, memorization, and test-taking strategies.
  4. Understand and develop strategies to improve self-regulation such as self-evaluation, organization, and time management.
  5. Understand university policies and improve communication skills in order to improve self-advocacy.
  6. Identify and utilize support services such as the Writing Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, and Career Services.

UNIV 310: Academic Success

This course will be taught together with UNIV 110 but is intended for students in their third or fourth year. The academic transition and planning curriculum will be the same for both course levels, however students in UNIV 310 will experience an enhanced application of the material in terms of formulating a graduation plan (versus a shorter term academic plan) and participating in an instructional video project.


Contact Vicki Dominick, Associate Director for Learning Services at, (703)993-2380 or Jackie Nash with the Center for Academic Advising, Retention, and Transitions at, (703) 993-3223