The Mason Graduate

UNIV Courses and Programs endeavors to help students develop the characteristics that embody the Mason Graduate.

The Mason Graduate – Characteristics we hope all of our graduates will possess

is an engaged citizen:
Ethically oriented and committed to democratic ideals; respectful of individual differences, rights, and liberties; knowledgeable of important issues affecting the world; focused on the well-being of others; and committed to building a just society.

is a well-rounded scholar:
Thinks critically and creatively and demonstrates professional competence; possesses an inquisitive nature; appreciates science, humanities, and the arts; skilled as a communicator; and committed to lifelong learning.

and is prepared to act:
Innovative, resourceful, and entrepreneurial; ready to do or create a job, interested and practiced in working with individuals from other cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives; and equipped to make positive and meaningful changes in society.

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